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Alexandrea Day founded iAffirm in 2020 to ensure that Adaptive Therapy would carry on after she could no longer, it being her vehicle to carry her legacy. She formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donated her training, books, and process to it. Visit https://iaffirm.org

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Third-I App

Third-I App

The Third-I app is designed to augment a therapy session with a therapist trained in Adaptive Therapy techniques. Therapists can only go where a client takes them during a session.  But what if there was a tool to dive deep into the unconscious mind where the “trouble” is, the issue to resolve?  Well, that is what Third-I is!  We recommend you purchase your personal headset, the app subscription and reach out to iAffirm to set up an appointment with a Therapist that is certified to provide Adaptive Therapy techniques using Third-I.  App is under development.  Order yours now so that you will be alerted it is ready.  The cost for the 1st year is $30.00.  Thereafter, TBD.


$3.00 (tax)
Total: $33.00