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Alexandrea Day founded iAffirm in 2020 to ensure that Adaptive Therapy would carry on after she could no longer, it being her vehicle to carry her legacy. She formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donated her training, books, and process to it. Visit https://iaffirm.org

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Connecting with Self

To live life fully, not only do we need to live in the present, we need to connect with our True Self to find meaning in life. It is silent.  It’s not our conscience nor our free will.  It is the part of us that wants us to find a purpose, something greater than ourselves.  This can’t happen unless we learn how to live consciously.

This app will help you get in touch with who you are.

Connecting with Self Feature

Our lives are busy and often bombarded by multiple levels of stress from work, family life, errands, health problems and maybe rude people right? We often only ``feel`` tired from it. We have forgotten how we actually feel about each individual stressor. This can cause chronic exhaustion, sleep disorders and ultimately will lead to disease. Therefore, learning to feel feelings is very important. This feature of the app will teach you how. You will become an expert at it. Then you are ready to sit with a therapist and drill down to the core issues underlying your stress. You will be amazed.

Meet the Moment with Adaptive Therapy!

Feel Feelings

Check your ability to feel feelings. Practice improves your skill.

Take Notes

When you feel one of the feelings, does a memory bubble up? If so, write it down in the app note area.

Pre-Feeling Experience

Make a note of your mood. This will help your therapist analyze what's going on.

Measuring Capability

With the EEG headset by Emotiv with this app, we measure and record your ability to feel feelings.

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