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Alexandrea Day founded iAffirm in 2020 to ensure that Adaptive Therapy would carry on after she could no longer, it being her vehicle to carry her legacy. She formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donated her training, books, and process to it. Visit https://iaffirm.org

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What can Adaptive Therapy help with?

Adaptive Therapy does not seek to address a diagnosis that someone may wish to pursue.  However, oftentimes clients will indicate a medical issue that they want to understand and learn how they might be contributing emotionally to its presence, and Adaptive Therapists will oblige.  Performance enhancement is also an area in which Adaptive Therapy is useful by helping to connect clients to their inner beliefs about a sport and disconnect any emotional triggers that might bubble up during play. And finally, Adaptive Therapy is for anyone looking for hope, vision, and purpose.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs conveys the journey all humans undertake to fulfill their desire to live life fully.  However, most people feel blocked, living well below Self-actualization as they scratch for necessities such as food, rent, and childcare while working several jobs. No wonder hope is lost. And with the pro-consumerism mantra, life feels even emptier as most people go without. Is there any wonder why people are looking for and latching on anything that can offer hope?

Adaptive Therapy offers hope.  It is a way to experience a purpose-filled life on the inside, and to manifest it on the outside by modifying core beliefs. It’s not about programming yourself for success, riches, and stuff.  It’s really about modifying programming that compels you to do things you really don’t want to do, and drives you to want things you really don’t need.  Remember, marketing and advertising has the capability to program you too. (Gangadharbatla & Daugherty, 2013; Sarar, 2016; Ardiansyah & Sarwoko, 2020; Ioanas & Stoica, 2020)

Adaptive Therapy helps anyone who feels left out and helps people realize their ultimate goal without feeling limited by any external circumstance.  When people are whole and healthy within, they are whole and healthy walking through their life, interacting with others, and becoming a contributor to solutions.  This is what it means to live a life with purpose.  Visit https://iaffirm.org to find an Adaptive Therapy Therapist.

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