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Alexandrea Day founded iAffirm in 2020 to ensure that Adaptive Therapy would carry on after she could no longer, it being her vehicle to carry her legacy. She formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donated her training, books, and process to it. Visit https://iaffirm.org

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Adaptive Therapy’s final goal, once people are directing their lives from the True Self, is to aid them in finding their purpose.  “What can I do with what I know, who I am, and where can I contribute best?”  Most people on the planet are too busy working, maintaining a home, putting food on the table, and responding to stress to even consider how they can help anyone else.  This probably explains why people give donations to help others—because they want to help but giving money is the only way they know how.  But, what most people need is more than just money.  They need activists involved in changing those things that are not working in the world.  If you yearn to help others, then find a way to become part of the solution by adapting to your life’s reality and making new choices.

An example of making new choices is simply realizing that having more does not make you happy.  Getting more things does bring certain satisfaction temporarily but not over the long term.  Having “more” has its price, probably increasing the need to work more hours.  And once you have something you have to maintain it.  A house is an acquisition that you have to keep paying for.  So, consider the lifestyle you are living and make some new choices, changing your core beliefs to live a life you embrace as being in alignment with who you are.

People have been under the impression that working hard, saving money, and following the rules would eventually reduce the pressure they are facing, and will give them the freedom to make their own choices.  This is what companies want you to believe so that you will work hard, be dedicated, provide businesses with  “bank loans” through money from your savings account, and convince you that you need what they produce.  If this loop stops, and people get off the treadmill created by business and perpetuated by leaders and investors, the economy will collapse.  The U.S. is built on this model.  Continuing the loop, however, makes the rich richer, the poor poorer, and the middle class stuck on the treadmill.  Even during the pandemic, Wall Street increased its value because of the stimulus money that the government pumped into the economy to keep it from collapsing.  It was basically done to keep people buying the stuff companies produce.  This book isn’t about how an economy should work but is about deciding for yourself, choosing how you want to work.  Do you really want to sacrifice your life or quality of life for an employer that is only interested in selling more products?

It’s important for people to ask themselves, “Why am I working?  Does it fulfill me?”  If not, they should take a look at what would be fulfilling and adapt their behavior to pursue it.  They must be sure to change their core beliefs and perceptions, however.  If someone wants to be an artist but his/her perception is “All artists are starving,” that person probably won’t do too well pursuing an artistic career without changing core beliefs.

Learn where your talent lies.  What comes easily to you?  What are your interests?  Combine these two things and seek counseling on what career would suit you best.  The world is wide open to opportunities, if you just look, investigate, and trust.

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