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Alexandrea Day founded iAffirm in 2020 to ensure that Adaptive Therapy would carry on after she could no longer, it being her vehicle to carry her legacy. She formed a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and donated her training, books, and process to it. Visit https://iaffirm.org

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Meeting the Moment of Global Turmoil with Adaptive Therapy

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The Third-I app is built for those that want to take charge of their lives, setting and tracking a path to purpose. Most people are overwhelmed by life and its stress, globally. Stressful events are occurring everyday with people unable to cope.  With Adaptive Therapy you can address these stressors, plan your path to purpose, and live in the present with resilience.

Technology-assisted Therapy

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Brain-computer Interface

This is years in the making leveraging science-backed research and experience to create an elegant, lightweight and user-friendly design.

5-channel Mobile Brainwear

5-channel mobile EEG boasts advanced electronics that are fully optimized to produce clean, robust EEG signals anytime, anywhere.

Headset Connects to Third-I App w/ Bluetooth

Just open the app and turn on your headset to connect. Then use the app's features to discover your path to purpose.

Consequences of Having No Purpose

USA Percentage of Population by 2030
Humans are becoming over-stressed and rather than choosing a life worth living, they are only able to respond to stress, day in and day out, making them sick.
Obesity 0
Diabetes 0
Mental Health Disorder 0
Cardiovascular Disease 0
Chronic Disease Condition 0
Up to 90% of doctor visits in the USA are stress-related.

How it Works

The Third-I app is designed to augment a therapy session with a therapist trained in Adaptive Therapy techniques. Therapists can only go where a client takes them during a session.  But what if there was a tool to dive deep into the unconscious mind where the “trouble” is, the issue to resolve?  Well, that is what Third-I is!  We recommend you purchase your personal headset, the app subscription and reach out to iAffirm to set up an appointment with a Therapist that is certified to provide Adaptive Therapy techniques using Third-I.

  • Purchase Emotiv Headset & Subscribe to App
  • Enter Your Personal Info
  • Reach Out for an Appointment
  • Start Your Path to Purpose

What is Knowing and Pursuing Your Purpose Worth?

We are dedicated to helping millions of people find their purpose so we have streamlined the process with tech and training many to deliver it. And we offer help at an affordable rate. For those that can’t afford it, we offer voucher grants so that no one is cut off from access. We also don’t advertise in a way that mainstream media does, to program buyers to buy. We only want to help those that really want help and are willing to ask WHY is my life the way it is or WHY does the world seem like its spinning out of control? Reach out if you are ready for the exciting journey to Self and your purpose.

Cloud-based App

Your personal information is encrypted and only used for research and to improve the user experience. We do not sell any personal information.

iAffirm Developed Third-I

iAffirm is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization committed to research, education and providing access to Adaptive therapy techniques that identify and help modify unconscious core issues.

We Love what we Do

We have helped people change their lives over the past 40 years, improved over-all health and well-being. While its a never-ending process, its a joyful journey to Self and purpose.

Refer Others that Want Help

We offer grant vouchers for therapy sessions with those that are certified in Adaptive Therapy techniques and the Third-I app.